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A Summer Fulfilled (Part 3)

  At the beginning of summer, I asked all of us: "How do you want to feel at the end  of your summer?" While August has only just arrived--and you know I'm the last person to rush to the fall--I wanted to reflect on the progress I've made toward my feeling in hopes that it motivates you to do the same. I began the summer wanting to feel "balanced". I noticed that a lot of my stress and guilt was directly connected to the imbalance I was feeling in all of the roles I play on a daily basis. In my past two posts, I shared my journey into a tangible way to monitor how I was spending my time and how I was identifying my "Big" and "buffer" goals. This log sheet was essential, and I learned so much from filling it in--even though it was so simple! It helped me visually see where I was spending my energy, and I was able to make small shifts throughout my day so that I felt a better sense of balance. This was most helpful for me in terms of sel

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